Shadow Making

This is a process to give more definition of product by natural shadow. Its make the product more natural and delightful.Shadow is created by an object intercepting light from a light source. Any light that can pass the object will be brighter than the light behind the object where the beam has been blocked. The edges of shadows are the defined differences in contrast between two different light intensities.

Shading of an image gives it immense depth. Photo shades impart a dimension to flat images that bring them alive. Camera, lighting and natural filters influence photography shade to a large degree. You may have an image that is bright at some parts and darker elsewhere. A shade image can also result from illumination that is not uniform or from a camera that is not sensitive enough. Dirt on the lens surface is more than an ample reason to distort the shading in your picture. Well, you have help at hand. Contact Thomson Advertising to cater to all your image shading needs to get a dream picture.

We can alter the very presentation of any photograph by adding special image shading effects such as including a natural shadow, a reflection at a specific angle or even a drop shadow. We can feather your image to give it a monochromatic shade within a specified shape such as elliptical or circular and enhance the balance, stroke length and sharpness. A photo that has a pencil shading effect is not only eye catching but also holds a viewer’s attention. At Thomson Advertising, we give you the smoothest shading results to give you a bright, well adjusted and changed image. Give the eyes another shade, color the nails as you choose, change the clothing with the trendiest styles! All with the help of the creative team at Thomson Advertising who can work wonders with image shade creation.